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Hi! I'm Priscila and this my website. I did this informative website as a project for Articles International, which is an English as a 2nd Language and Web Design program. If you would like to hire me, fill up the contact form available on this site. Below is my Curriculum vitae, with some samples of online sites and well written articles I written before.

Graduated with honors from Hill College
9 years of article marketing experience (specifically intended for Internet based individuals)
5 years of website creation experience.
Dedicated, self-motivated professional with a taste for facts.

Employment Experience.
Articles International,2006 - Present
Managing Director
Given the task of managing a international team of internet writers to accommodate a specialized range of increased goals and objectives.
- Create new records for output, boosting production by 30% throughout the world
- Accurately controlled ongoing logs of task distribution
- Managed QA for international development over a large team of internet writers

Self Employed Website Designer

Additional Abilities
Fluent in Indonesian
Exceptional proficiency using a numerous choice of office software

Samples of English Writing

Apartment For Rent

The difference between an apartment complex and a condominium complex is simply a legal matter. When browsing through apartment complexes and condominium complexes you will notice multiple similarities. They both may usually include a pool, fitness center, professional landscaping, clubhouses, and so fourth. The appearances on the inside can also reflect the... To read more click here...

Apartments For Rent In Fort Lauderdale

Occupants of apartments for rent in Fort Lauderdale are usually fortunate to possess these types of essential things to assist them to with their tasks and to get them to loosen up if they have enough time to spare. Like all rental homes, these kinds of apartment rentals have garages intended... Click here to read more..

Apartments For Rent In Winnipeg

Winnipeg has museums that can make your jaw drop with wonder such as the Dalnavert Museum, Fort Garry Horse Museum and Archives and the list goes one. You can gallivant around the city’s historical sites and imbibe the stories, the photographs and the architecture that his city has to offer. After your very first visit to Winnipeg... More on this site..

Apartments In Jamaica - Buy Or Rent Apartments In A Caribbean Country

As far as apartments are concerned you can be able to use this weakness within prices to be able to afford a much nicer apartment than you would... Click here to continue..

Apartments For Rent

The internet is a fantastic resource in our everyday lives, and more and more people around the world are using it to help search for apartments to rent. In this guide... More on this site..

Edmonton Alberta Canada Apartments For Rent - Search Apartment Listings Online

The most well known team is the Edmonton Oilers, a professional hockey club that competes in the National Hockey League (NHL.) The Edmonton Oilers... To read more click here...

Ottawa Apartments

Ottawa Canada is one of the most amazing capitals found around the globe and it opens its arms to embrace everyone, no matter what culture they are from. With a population of over 800,000 people, Ottawa is one of the largest cities in Canada. Ottawa is home to some of the most interesting entertainment venues and... Source of information..

Apartments For Rent

and Vancouver, B.C. In details below you will find some of the best in apartment living in these specific top rated places to live in Canada. The number one ranked best place to live in Canada is Victoria, British Columbia. In downtown Victoria you will find The Falls, which offers some of the finest in apartment living to this region of Canada. These newly constructed luxury apartments for rent offer your suite to be in the heart of... Source..

Calgary Apartment Rent

Because of the weather patterns on the Easten slope of the mountains it is considered an arid region; therefore, making the air quite dry year round. The summers can be quite... More on this site..

Apartments For Rent

So if you earn $3,500 per month, than your rent should not exceed $1,050. Another thing to incorporate into this budget is all other expenses you will... Click here to continue..

Caribbean Real Estate

Purchasing a home here is very much the same as doing so on the mainland. Largely European islands such as St. Barthelemy and St. Maarten/St. Martin also have relatively relaxed laws and it is relatively easy to purchase there. However some islands make it much... Source of information..

Apartment For Rent

Millions of people in Canada and around the world choose to live in cities – so there must be good reason for it. In this guide we shall look at some of the advantages to... Source..

Cottage Rental In Ontario

In fact, you will find it more convenient because you can make reservations directly online. Moreover, making payments and checking cottage availability can be done online. Before finalizing you booking, you should first read the terms and conditions stipulated on the website and see to it that you... Continue reading..

Grand Bend Cottage Rentals

  What could be better than spending a quite and relaxing weekend with your loved ones or spending time alone by yourself on a sandy... Click here to read more..

Homes For Rent In Canada - Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta And More

 When looking for a home to rent, that’s exactly what we’re all looking for right?  That desirable home that has everything we want without being tied to the commitment that comes to a mortgage in purchasing a home.   When looking for a home to rental in Canada it is recommended that you do your research before you decide to go out there.  This guide will help you determine... Source of information..

Homes For Rent

Thus, you need to know the weekly or monthly rental price. How can you compute for your monthly rental cost? You just multiply the weekly rental price by 4.33. What you should do is... More on this site..

Markham Ontario Canada Rentals - Apartments, Condos, Homes

Markham is often referred to as Canada’s high-tech capital because it is home to several technology giants such as IBM, Motorola, Toshiba, Sun Microsystems, Apple and Honeywell. At the same time, the several farms and historic locations that... Read more..

Moving Truck Rental

There are many things involved in moving house, and one of the hardest parts is getting all of your belongings from your current home to your new one. If you have a significant amount of furniture and appliances then the best option is to rent a moving truck rental to help you move. As you get closer to the moving date, it is vital to be completely organized and prepared for the day.Moving can be... To read more click here...

Toronto Rental

Renting a car is not just something you can benefit so much from but it also facilitates your trip as far as... Find out more...

Rental Agencies In Canada - Get Help With Finding Apartments, Homes, Condos

Millions of people across Canada rent their homes. Not everyone is able or ready to commit to purchasing their own home – so there are many benefits to renting. In this guide we shall look at how you can use housing rental agencies to find your perfect rental home.    Benefits of Renting a Home Although owning your own home has its benefits, there are also great reasons to rent. You will generally get more... Read more..

Ground Rent

 This means you’ll own the house and the ground when paying the purchase price.  While “ground rent” means you’ll pay a fee to the owner of the ground.   Homeowners must be given all the information necessary from ground rent owners to redeem or purchase the ground rent now a days.  These notices will be provided with each ground rent bill the homeowner receives.  In addition, homeowners must be given notice in regards to redeeming the... Continue reading..

Rent By Owner - Rent Private Homes Directly From Owners

Many Canadians own houses purely for the purpose of investment and renting them out. In this guide we shall look at the advantages and disadvantages to renting your home out yourself and hiring a property management company to be in charge. Advantages... More on this page..

Rug Cleaning Rentals

Carpet and rug cleaning is one of the most tedious housecleaning tasks that can be done at home. This is an extra challenge if most of the floors in the house are covered with carpet. Carpets and rugs easily tend to absorb dirt and particles. The problem with large rugs is that removing the rug off the floor and bringing it outside to dust can be difficult. The main solution for cleaning rugs and carpets is through... Source..

Sauble Beach Cottage Rentals

Some models may have an electrical heating and other models may have a fire place. The bungalows are situated inside a short walk in the direction of the beach and swimming locations. The bungalows are always prepared seamlessly before the arrival of the visitors who want to check-in in the household for the convenience of them. The check-out reaches 11 o’clock in the morning and check-overtime reaches 4 o’clock in the... Source..

Caribbean Real Estate

At one time, pirates used the islands as a Caribbean hideout and the Bermudian salt collectors called the island home in the 1600s. In 1842 Spanish slave ship wrecked near one of the Caicos Islands. Because the islands were under British rule at the time, a county that had outlawed slavery, the 192 African survivors stayed on the island and apprenticed in various trades. In 1972, the islands were finally granted their independence to operate as British... Read more..

Vacation Rental By Owner

Owners must know which operational activities and marketing strategies are the most effective. Their “vacation rental by owner” business is considered as a successful one if they are able to generate huge profits, get several positive feedbacks or testimonials and have high levels of occupancy. In this article, we will confine our attention to a list of tips to consider in putting up and running a... Source of information..

Weekend Getaways - Vacation Rentals

Sometimes they are referred to as accommodations; however a cottage rental experience is a vacation in itself. Weekend getaways... Find out more...

Cottage Rentals

Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and one of the best things about it is that it is so large and diverse that there’s always something new to see. For those of us who... More on this page..

Winnipeg Canada Apartments For Rent - Live In Largest City Of Manitoba Province

As far as weather is concerned in the Winnipeg Manitoba area, most individuals find it to be quite tolerable and the winter season of Winnipeg is what draws many to want to live there.    Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada and Its Location    The location of Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada is in the south central region of Canada. Winnipeg is home to many attractions such as,... Source..